Let your dog be a dog
If it’s good for you, it’s good for your dog
If it’s good for you, it’s good for your dog

About us

We want people to look after their dogs the same way they look after themselves. Every dog is unique with characteristic quirks and whims. We want to celebrate that! And at the heart of it all, our fundamental goal is to offer dogs better care and wellbeing – and also to inspire owners about other ways to help their pets. Learn more

Dog Day Care

Last minute meeting and you need your pup looked after for an hour? Planning a weekend away and wanting to treat your dog to their own special staycation? Choose from our range of flexible options to leave your pet with someone you trust.


Drop by

One hour, two hours or half a day. £1 of our 2h package goes to All Dogs Matter for the rescue and rehoming of Dogs in London.


Full day

Let’s spend a day together! It includes two walks. Ideal for those mums and dads on the go in Shoreditch.



What about a full weekend from Friday to Tuesday in lovely Buckinghamshire? Just drop us an email for specific days or weekdays.

Chloe & Clive the dog

Couldn’t recommend shoreditch dog house more, it is Clive’s favourite part of the week, I always know he’s had the best time as he never wants to leave when I pick him up! We started going to shoreditch dog house at the end of 2017 to help on days that we were in the office long hours, now we’re not in the office but really value how much enjoyment Clive gets from his play time and how much happier he is as a result. To top it all off the team are amazing, so friendly and helpful and always go the extra mile to make sure the dogs are their happiest and healthiest.


Shoreditch Dog House are fantastic. They have been key to Pickle’s development and I attribute the dog he is today to their patience, kindness and skills in dog handling and care. He was incredibly shy and nervous when we first got him but after a few weeks with Maxine, he came out of his shell and is now an independent and confident pup. SDH clearly adore dogs and their gentle and loving approach to each one individually means your dog is in safe and trusted hands. Having pick ups and drop offs is a huge benefit, and a rare service. They’re extremely flexible and helpful which has been a blessing when trying to juggle everything during COVID restrictions. Thanks SDH for all you do, I’m so glad I found you guys!

Alana & Virgil

Maxine has been a lifesaver since we got our puppy! Giving Virgil the ability to interact with other dogs has been great for his development and confidence especially during lockdown. He is incredibly well looked after when he is with Maxine and her team and it gives us a bit more flexibility. We are so happy we found Shoreditch Doghouse!

Blake and his mum

Blake would get so excited to see his friends at Shoreditch Dog House, he would walk me there! If we changed meeting points after one trip, he knew the way even when I I didn’t! Never seen him so happy to meet other human or furry friends. He started as a rescue dog and is now one of the most socialised and well behaved dogs I’ve ever known, all as a credit to his time at SDH.

Booking Request

To make a booking, please contact us via telephone or email below:

Booking Request

To make a booking, please contact us via telephone or email below: