Shoreditch Dog House is a unique space dedicated to the dogs of Shoreditch, where both owner and dog can truly learn at the same time as they are receiving the best holistic care.

Let your dog be a dog

Your pets are your family and you adore them. But sometimes as we know all too well, city life can be busy and unpredictable. We provide a reliable ‘home-from-home’ where you can trust that your dog is being given the love and care they deserve, whether for an hour, a whole weekend, or as part of one of our special massage or training services.
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Through our holistic approach, alongside our natural remedies and wellbeing products, we equip owners with everything they need to positively support their dog, giving them a happy and healthy life. Your dog will love us. And so will you.

Our Team

Everything is possible with a dedicated team brimming with expert knowledge and experience across many diverse fields. One thing we have in common is our love of dogs. We want you and your pup to feel safe and at home every time you visit, like old friends.

Caroline Hand


Caroline is the Founder of Shoreditch Dog House and owner of Roxy, a rescue Staffy mix. After feeling hugely underwhelmed by her 9 – 5 office lifestyle and looking for a new start to work on her passions, she quit and started an internship in sustainable fashion while walking dogs in Victoria Park as a part-time job. Inspired by working with so many different breeds, she adopted Roxy through the rescue charity All Dogs Matter. Shoreditch Dog House came about from the relationships Roxy built up with the local people in the area – neighbours that Caroline says she would never have met without a dog to break down the barriers. Roxy taught her owner to listen to dogs and learn more about their individual needs. Caroline was inspired to create a space dedicated to dogs so they could just be themselves with encouragement, love and care. A space dedicated to the dogs of Shoreditch to truly learn and truly receive the best holistic care.


Daycare Manager

Having worked in catering for most of her adult life, looking after people and providing great service has always been Maxine’s first priority. She also has extensive experience in teaching, during which time she taught English and Maths through sign language to 6-7 years olds – a fun and exciting challenge which stands her in good stead for caring for dogs at Shoreditch Dog House. Having grown up around many animals, including rescue dogs, she has a strong understanding of how much a loving home can positively affect an animal. And as she says, looking after dogs is exactly like looking after children, but with more slobbery kisses!

Danny Decourtelle

Dog Trainer

Danny Decourtelle is a London-based one-on-one dog trainer offering positive and ethical dog training and behavioural advice. His approach is commonly known as ‘positive reinforcement’ and his end-goal is to improve the communication and bond between owner and dog in order to avoid or manage undesired behaviour. Having completed several advanced courses in dog behaviour and training theory, as well as keeping up to date with global research, his knowledge will make you an expert about your own dog.

Sarah Hand

Massage Therapist

Sarah Hand is Shoreditch Dog House’s massage therapist. Trained as a physiotherapist and a qualified dog massage therapist, she works to alleviate muscle pains and health issues as well as incorporating an amazing calming technique that provides dogs with a sense of wellbeing. Touch and feel is how we connect – not just to our fellow humans but to our much loved animals as well.

Galina Boggis-Rolfe

Homeopathy Specialist

Galina Boggis-Rolfe is a specialist in psychosomatic illnesses and stress related problems, following a philosophy that takes an individual approach to each patient. An alumnus of the College of Practical Homeopathy in London – one of the oldest and most prestigious homeopathic colleges in the world – she has had over 30 years of learning the basics of natural medicine, practiced for over 20 years, treating over 2000 patients.

Chloe & Clive the dog

Couldn’t recommend shoreditch dog house more, it is Clive’s favourite part of the week, I always know he’s had the best time as he never wants to leave when I pick him up! We started going to shoreditch dog house at the end of 2017 to help on days that we were in the office long hours, now we’re not in the office but really value how much enjoyment Clive gets from his play time and how much happier he is as a result. To top it all off the team are amazing, so friendly and helpful and always go the extra mile to make sure the dogs are their happiest and healthiest.


Shoreditch Dog House are fantastic. They have been key to Pickle’s development and I attribute the dog he is today to their patience, kindness and skills in dog handling and care. He was incredibly shy and nervous when we first got him but after a few weeks with Maxine, he came out of his shell and is now an independent and confident pup. SDH clearly adore dogs and their gentle and loving approach to each one individually means your dog is in safe and trusted hands. Having pick ups and drop offs is a huge benefit, and a rare service. They’re extremely flexible and helpful which has been a blessing when trying to juggle everything during COVID restrictions. Thanks SDH for all you do, I’m so glad I found you guys!

Alana & Virgil

Maxine has been a lifesaver since we got our puppy! Giving Virgil the ability to interact with other dogs has been great for his development and confidence especially during lockdown. He is incredibly well looked after when he is with Maxine and her team and it gives us a bit more flexibility. We are so happy we found Shoreditch Doghouse!

Blake and his mum

Blake would get so excited to see his friends at Shoreditch Dog House, he would walk me there! If we changed meeting points after one trip, he knew the way even when I I didn’t! Never seen him so happy to meet other human or furry friends. He started as a rescue dog and is now one of the most socialised and well behaved dogs I’ve ever known, all as a credit to his time at SDH.

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